March 20 to April 13th 2010


Over the years we have worked with quite a number of inspiring and talented artists, and it has been a delight and a privilege to watch their art develop. In this exhibition we bring together three painters who have given us a great deal of pleasure, and whose work we know will attract a great deal of interest. Eva Mia Sjolin paints from the heart and with the clarity of an inner eye, allowing the birds and animals in which she is interested to appear as an essence in the final piece. Ruth Nicol, about to graduate from Edinburgh College of Art and be let loose with a one person show in Nairn almost at once, has exhibited at The Line often over the last three years. Her interest in landscape and its evolution both through time and as an impact on the passer through is manifest in all of her work as its continues to develop. Alexandra Muirhead is a brutal critic of her own work, her meticulous painting rarely satisfying her severe criteria. Portraits, near empty rooms and brush marked surfaces all hint at a life within.

We take great pleasure in inviting you to come along and inspect their paintings: we are sure you will discover a good deal to fed the eye and challenge thinking.