February 20 to March 16 2010

In most years the skies would be lightening by now, and there would be signs of spring in the gardens. In reality these things are happening in 2010 too, but the weather is so bitterly cold, the earth so hard and uninviting that we may not be noticing all that is going on. There are snowdrops showing their buds at the foot of the apple tree - and here at The Line we are delighted to open an exhibition which indicates the life and treasures to come.
Lucy Newton draws and paints animals and birds with an energy and control which allows the nature of her subjects to speak for themselves. Nikki Monaghan's work with its quirky figures and bouyant backgrounds are loved by many and Gayle Robinson's collograph prints echo the season's activity with delicacy and charm.

Over the last two years the Agnes d'R range of sterling silver chainmaille gas grown in scope and complexity and its maker has become more confident and bolder. The Line is delighted to host her first exhibition of bracelets and necklaces of 2010, and to make her unique pieces available. We are sure you will be as trhilled to see these as we are to show them.

Nest and Puffins by Lucy Newton, Bracelet by Agnes d'R