Saturday November 30th to Tuesday December 24th

Tobias and the Angel, attributed to Titian
December is going to be a complicated month in 2019 - the celebration of Christmas, and the attendant preparation, is always busy and we have a General election on December 12th to contend with. I have just read that we may have no one, but two, referendums to look forward to in 2020 - and what better time to remember that We all need Angels .....
Since we first opened The Line in 1995 our Christmas mixed show has always been titled around the theme of Angels. Many artists over the years have responded with care and humour to the overall notion, and the exhibitions have been greeted with enthusiasm. We have followed the same pattern in 2019 and invited a wide range of artists to submit work of all varieties, 2 and 3 D, for your delight and pleasure, but with a slightly more focused title.
Elisabet and I would like to welcome you to the opening celebration of our annual Christmas show on the days of Linlithgow's marvellous Advent Fair, Saturday November 30th. The mulled wine will be flowing, the mince pies will be plentiful and you are all invited to come along from 1pm.

We all need Angels.

Tuesday 22 to Friday October 31 2019

By the time you read this Elisabet, with Talisker and Tig, will be on her way to Serbia to compete in the 2019 Field Trial World Championships as part of the Great Britain team, and I will be preparing for the 2019 Postcards from The Line exhibition. A very exciting and busy time for us here at The Line, and one which means that, for a few days, the gallery will be closed.

I will be here in the week of October 28th receiving Postcard submissions and hanging the show, so technically someone will be in the gallery and able to answer the phone etc. However, please do plan on coming along to the opening of Postcards on Saturday November 2nd from 2 to 4. We hope that many of the artists will be here to celebrate the opening of this popular annual event.


November 2 - 26 2019

Around forty artists, over 300 artworks - none bigger than A5 and nothing behind glass or in a frame. A challenge for the maker, and a feast for the viewer. One of the most looked forward to exhibitions at The Line returns in a lively and envigorated version for 2019. We are looking forward to this show enormously, the artists are raring to go - and we must all wait until the 2nd of November.
We look forward to you joining us then.

September 28 to October 20 2019

Autumn is a time of flux - children are back at school, summer holidays are fading memories, warm clothes are making a reappearance and Halloween is just around the corner. A time of change all around - and here at The Line we are feeling the same. Rather than focus on the work of one artist, we have elected to exhibit four whose work we know you will enjoy, and with whom we are delighted to catch up - Lorrane Robson, whose ceramics are at the head of this email, hand forms and polishes each piece to perfection, Molly Ginelly creates beautiful individual pieces in silver and gold from her studio in Fife, Nikki Monaghan's colourful paintings are well loved throughout Scotland and Siljes Elisabet Thorin's contemplative and evocative photographs capture time and story for the viewer to explore. There will be something for everyone to explore and enjoy.