Saturday August 4 to Tuesday August 31 2018

To coincide with the 200th anniversary of the start of the Union Canal, we are delighted to bring new work by Lesley Banks to Linlithgow.
"As artist in residence at Scottish Canals I walked the entire 137 mile canal network. With such a broad spectrum of landscape to cover I spent a lot of time walking and thinking, striving to capture the individual character of each canal.
Canal towpaths provide a little bit of everything, at once rural and urban, they offer unfolding transitional scenery. Hidden in plain sight they are footnotes to the main routes. Accessible to everyone, an easy flat continuous walk, no map required. With its unhurried pace of life, forever set by the past, the canal offers an opportunity for 'slow looking'.
With this in mind I have chosen to slow down and  focus on a small section of the canal in and around Linlithgow. This attractive stretch of canal is a hive of activity, both water and towpath embraced by locals and visitors in a variety of ways. It is very much part of the community.
Through mixed media works on paper and oil on canvas I am paying attention to the changing seasons, the dramatic weather conditions and the present function of the canal for leisure.
The best journeys are worth repeating and on my returning visits to Linlithgow I am constantly  amazed at how the shifting light, from dawn until dusk, reflects and alters the water."
The exhibition will continue until August 31st.

Saturday June 23 to Tuesday July 10 2018

There is a huge range of skill and creativity in and around Linlithgow, and it is always a thrill to be able to bring new work, made locally, to The Line. For this exhibition two well known photographers - Siljes Elisabet Thorin and Paul Boyle - and ceramicist Lorraine Robson have prepared a series of new pieces which come together under the title Black is all the Colours.

This exhibition has been a while in the making, planned for the summer period when we can bring Linlithgow's talen to a wider audience - we hope you agree!

Above - Empty Vessel by Lorraine Robson

Monday June 4th to Friday June 22nd 2018

In an annual effort to keep the proprietors sane The Line will be closed from June 4 to 22 inclusive, whilst we take a short break. But have no fear, we will be back with a new show featuring Paul Boyle, Lorraine Robson and Siljes Elisabet Thorin which opens on June 24th.

Saturday 5th May to Sunday June 3rd 2018

There are artists whose work we have enjoyed over the years, and whose popularity strengthens as time passes. For our May exhibition this year two of those artists - Linda Farquharson and Lucy Newton - have come together to create a show which we think will further confirm that pattern. Linda's imaginative linocut angels and flower girls charm and please the eye with their carefully balanced detail and precise lines whilst Lucy's lively and colourful birds and animals have a very wide appeal - her Red squirrel, Aberlady above is but one example from the exhibition. Linda's Angel is below

The show will open from 2pm to 4pm on Saturday May 5th, with the artists here to meet you. Everyone will be welcome! The exhibition runs until Sunday June 3rd.