Mini Bookmaking workshop November 10 2020


Come along and join us in learning how to make a mini sketchbook - and then make some more to give as gifts (or keep yourself). 12.30 to 3.30 on Tuesday November 10th - all tools and materials provided in a COVID safe and socially distanced environment. Numbers strictly limited. £50.00.

2020 Postcards No 1

A Little Landscape (10 x 10 cm) by

Morag Lloyds - £28.00

Postcards from The Line 2020

Rachel Malcolm by Ronnie McInnes

Somehow we have arrived at Postcards from The Line time again, a fixed point in a year when absolutely nothing has gone according to plan and in which the foundation of many lives has been severely threatened. We hope that the work of the many artist participants in the Postcard show will bring a little light to everyone.
Ronnie McInnes has written of his work 'Each of my submitted pieces are mixed media artworks from my ongoing project Women’s Wednesdays. The project was started in response to women’s under representation in sport. Particularly in rugby. I focus on internationally capped women rugby union players and each week I ask my followers on social media to suggest players. I pick my favourite from those suggestions to make a unique artwork about. Influenced by Pop Surrealism, I decided to take inspiration from video games (in which sparks, vibrant colours and patterns of light are common). By doing so, a certain dynamism is portrayed in the work'.
We hope that this image of vigour, determination and courage will inspire us all - and encourage you to brave the outdoors and come along to see the show!
Postcards from The Line 2020 will open at 10.00 am on Thursday October 29 and run until 4pm on Sunday November 22nd.

Indovidual images will be posted here each day throughout the exhibition. Watch this space.


October 8 - 25


Travels in our imagination - we saw lions

In these uncertain times, how many of us would like, just for a while, to be somewhere else? Anywhere else? Sarah Keast and Siljes Elisabet Thorin have taken this urge to heart and created an exhibition of travels in the imagination - what do their photographs and prints tell us about their thoughts and dreams? Sometimes there are wonders right in front of our noses, hiding in plain sight, and yet we do not see them - we saw lions!
We remain unable to welcome you to an exhibition preview - but we will be delighted to see you throughout the exhibition's run. The show will open at 10am on Thursday October 8th and continue until 4pm on Sunday October 25th.

Sarah will be running a day workshop on collograph and mono printing in The Line on Sunday October 25th. Numbers will be strictly limited and all COVID 19 protocols in place. If you would like details please email