June 17 to July 4 2017

For those who know Linlithgow, there has never been any doubt about the creative talent fostered and encouraged within the town. A recent manifestation of that has been seen in the formation of the Linlithgow Arts Collective, a membership organisation of artist's either currently attending , or recently graduated from, arts schools throughout Scotland. Alex Heywood, whose work is above, is one example - Douglas Cook, whose degree show in Dundee is from May 19 to 28, and whose work is below is another.

The Line is delighted to host the Collective's second annual exhibition from June 17 to July 4th, and we take delight in welcoming you to view the work of Linlithgow's talented young people.

May 31 to June 14 2017

The Line will be taking a short break from May 31 to June 14th and we apologise to those whose plans may thus have been foiled! Don't be concerned, we will be back from June 14th, hard at work installing a new exhibition of work by members of the Linlithgow Art Collective.

Meanwhile, we wish everyone a Very Happy Marches and look forward to seeing you all on our return.

May 31 to June 15 2017

It ought to be warm by now, oughtn't it? The sun should shine in a clear sky - and The Line will be closed for a short holiday.

Please note that Here we go gathering Nuts in May will end at 5pm on Tuesday May 30th and The Line will next open on Saturday June 17th when an exhibition of work by Linlithgow Arts Collective will open. From Wednesday June 14 we will be in and around the gallery, setting up the new show, so advise that you call us on 01506 670268 before making a special trip to visit.

In the meanwhile we wish you A Very Happy Marches!  And we take advantage of another opportunity to show the wonderful painting of The Line by Lorna Pirrie - with the sun shining!

May 6 to May 30 2017

The skies are lighter, the soil is warming up and gardens are beginning to hint at the glories to come. The nursery rhyme 'Here we go gathering nuts in May', which is the tile of this month's show, draws on the tradition of gathering 'knots' or small posies of flowers at this time of year - the 'knots' becoming corrupted to 'nuts' as time passed.

And this exhibition is The Line's gathering together of a 'knots' of work from a variety of artists who have delighted the eye over time. For out first group show of 2017 we are pleased to welcome back Rob Newton, Ewa Polanek, Sheena Christie, Carol Meikleham, Helena Emmans and more.

We know that there will be something for everyone to enjoy - do come along and find out for yourselves.