October 29 to November 22 2016

It is that time of year again, folks. Summer holidays are but a memory and the nights are growing darker as each day passes. What could be better than a reminder of time spent in the sun, time away from worries - time out in general. Well, at this point we have no firm idea of the range of work that will be displayed in the annual Postcards from The Line exhibition, but we can guarantee that there will be over 30 artists participating and that we expect there to be around 300 pieces of work on the walls. Nothing will be larger than A5, nothing will be in a frame - and nothing will cost more that £100. Interested? Many Line favourites will be exhibiting in what has proven to be a popular show. We hope you will enjoy this year's Postcards from The Line as much as you have in previous years.

October 4 to 25 2016

It always used to be said that 'Those who can, do - and those who can't, teach" - one of the many old wives tales that stick in the mind. Unlike may such tales, this one can be proven to be unreliable for the majority of people, very often for artists and most particularly in relation to the artists who are exhibiting at The Line this month. Both Paul Boyle and Morag Stevenson have made a significant impact on young people studying art at Linlithgow Academy, many of whom have gone on to produce fine work and a number of whom form the active core of Linlithgow Arts Collective. Both have now left the Academy and are devoting a major part of their regained time to producing work of their own. Paul's subtle and precise photographic images have become well loved here at The Line over the last few years, whilst Morag's detailed still lives drew an enthusiastic response when we first showed some in a previous show.

Now we have the opportunity to prove that teaching can be a valuable sideline - but that the artist can survive, thrive and produce some marvellous work the other side of school!

September 3 to 24 2016

We would like to welcome you to a very special exhibition.

Mary Louise Coulouris was born in New York and raised in Hollywood, where her father was the actor, George Coulouris.

After completing her education in London she entered the Slade School of Art. A French government scholarship took her to Paris where she developed her skills in colour etching under William Hayter at the legendary Atelier 17. Among the first to buy her work were the actor Vincent Price and the writer John Steinbeck. Public collections soon began purchasing her work, including the Ashmolean Museum, the Houses of Parliament, the Nuffield Trust, the New York Public Library and the Bibliotheque Nationale de France. Private collectors include Hambros Bank and the Sainsbury Family Trust.

After several gallery exhibitions at the Boadicea, Ferens, Pratt and Wavedon galleries, she widened her range to include commissions for oil paintings, watercolours, murals and works in various media including rugs and mosaics. She designed the children’s “Soft Island” installation at Glasgow’s Garden Festival.

A succession of Greek government scholarships took her to Athens where she had a number of exhibitions and made a home on the island of Hydra. When not on Greece she lived here in Linlithgow where her work is well known and much appreciated.

The Line is delighted to host this exhibition of Mary Louise’s work, and invites you to celebrate the Opening of the show and the launch of See for Yourself The Artwork of Mary Louise Coulouris (written by Gordon Wallace and published by Unicorn Press) from 2.00pm to 4.00 pm on Saturday September 3rd 2016.

The exhibition will run until Saturday September 24th.

July 30 to August 30 2016

In working towards a fully defined series of work an artist makes many sketches, studies and outlines before completing the finished pieces. There will be many lines of attack, many thoughts developed and many techniques employed. It is a lengthy process and there can be multiple routes taken towards the conclusion. Much of the preparatory work often remains unseen. It is a brave artist who is prepared to display some of these explorations, and we are delighted that Ruth Nicol, a Line favourite, has chosen to show Workings with us - an exhibition of work in progress we are sure you will appreciate.