August 24 to September 24 2019

Leith, Pentlands, Scottish Government, Arthur's Seat, Carlton Hill and Castle from Ocean Terminal I & II

Ruth Nicol has shown her work at The Line Gallery since she was a student at Edinburgh College of Art. Her recent exhibition Landmarks  Poets, Portraits and Landscapes of Modern Scotland with paintings by Alexander Moffat and texts by Alan Riach was shown to great acclaim at the Lillie Art Gallery in Milngavie. The Line is proud to bring a current series of work Leith in Spring to Linlithgow.

July 27 to August 20 2019

Stirling Castle by night
by Lesley Anne Derks

Light and shade, highlight and obscurity, hint and sparkle - the artist is confronted by all of these, and more, in addressing even the most everyday of images. The familiar seems different in different light, shadows have a solidity which can deceive. In this exhibition Siljes Elisabet Thorin and Lesley Anne Derks each show us the everyday - paths in the woods, waves on the shore, cities at night - as seem through their eyes. Photography, paint and pastel bring to light different aspects of the subject matter, to bring us out in another place.

This exhibition will open from from 2.00pm to 4.00 pm on Saturday July 27th 2019 - please come and join us in celebrating Coming out in another place ...

The show will run until Tuesday August 20th.

by Siljes Elisabet Thorin

June 29 to July 23 2019

Summer Light

The skies are clear and the air is bright; the are people walking along the High Street in short sleeves and there are shorts to be seen worn in the most unlikely places - yes, summer has arrived in Linlithgow!

The school holidays are upon us, and The Line is celebrating by bringing together six artists who each show their interpretation of the light that summer brings - John Williams sees bright sunsets and the opportunity for walks, Catherine King enjoys picnics and calm seas, Linda Farquharson sees colourful flowers, Leo du Feu thinks of birds in the landscape and Ewa Polanek portrays sandy beaches and rolling waves beneath a blue sky. Sheena Christie, whose Sunny Brae; Hamish's House is shown above, enjoys empty land and sea spaces, devoid of people.

There is something for everyone in this bright and varied exhibition, come along and find out what takes your fancy!

June 11 to June 26 2019

The Line is en vacances! We are taking advantage of the improving weather and taking a short break in France - we will be back with a new show, and lots of tales to tell, on Saturday June 29th - come along and see the new show.