Approaching Linlithgow February 5th to March 6th 2022


Ruth Nicol - Nestling Linlithgow and farmlands
Siljes Elisabet Thorin - Approaching Linlithgow from the north west.

One of the positive aspects of lockdown was that it gave time to think and time to develop an appreciation of what was around about. Restrictions on social contact meant that walks and visits withy friends and colleagues took on a greater significance. Walking and looking, walking different paths and taking in the surroundings ….

Ruth Nicol has exhibited at The Line since second year at Edinburgh College of Art and her generous embrace of landscape and settlement gives her paintings a timelessness and warmth both specific to the location and descriptive of activity within that place. As a visitor to Linlithgow she was drawn to the loch and the hollow within which it sits, the relationship to the surrounding agriculture and the proximity to the busy Forth.

Siljes Elisabet Thorin is Swedish and have lived in Linlithgow for nearly 30 years.
Her black and white photographs show the detail of a place yet hint at the history behind the detail. Her images have a solemnity and are yet inviting the viewer to enter into the landscape, to go with her along the path, beside the trees and into the grasses.

Ruth and Elisabet shared walks, explored the many routes into and around the Royal Burgh, discussed the fields and roadways they passed along - and Approaching Linlithgow is the outcome. Common experience, different media, individual perception of place have resulted in a show with which The Line is delighted, and we hope you will be also.