June 24 to July 17 2022

Edinburgh in Pink by Nikki Monaghan 

A bright show for bright summer weather - we are delighted to bring a range of ever popular Nikki Monaghan's limited edition prints to The Line to add to seasonal cheer! Nikki's work features many of the places we all love to visit and there will be a lot to see, recognise and reminsce about in the show overall - come along and enjoy!

June 7 to June 21 2022

 Long Live The Marches!

 All good wishes to everyone for a very Happy Marches and wonderful Children's Gala Day - isn;t it wonderful that we can be out and about and meet each other once again!

The Line will be closed from June 6 to 22nd.

May 19 to June 5 2022


Summer is upon us and we welcome you to our exhibition celebrating the return of the sun with all things bright, shiny and cheerful. Caroline John is a jeweller whose work we have shown previously at The Line and we are delighted to welcome her back with a selection of recently completed pieces. Linda Farquharson is well known to visitors to The Line, and we conclude her series of workshops with a showing of some of her work which explores the range of her skills. Diane Mylchreest's prints of her batiks have been a feature of The Line's print browser for some time - now we show them to full advantage on the walls, and Rosanne Cherubini's framed ceramic hearts and birdhouses appeal to all. Do come along and enjoy!

April 15 to May 15 2022


Three Fish by Shona Young

Thoughts at this time of year turn to holidays - by the sea, under a blue sky, readng books, walking, swimming in azure seas .... we are getting carried away here! After the last two years we are all in need of a holiday and here The Line is celebrating the opportunity opening up once more - join us in welcoming Blue, a joyous explosion of all that can be summer. Shona Young, Lesley Anne Derks, Nikki Monaghan and Alastair Laing invite you to come along and enjoy their expressions of the Blue we all look forward to!