August 27th to September 18th 2022

I'm a rabbit by Mickan Sandelin

The Line is delighted to bring back two artists whose work we have shown before, Eva Mia Sjolin and Hjordis Hacke and to welcome Mickan Sandelin to Linlithgow.  In Between Light and Darkness each artist explores that space of uncertainty, the junction between what we know for sure and what we expect, or think we know.

Come along and see for yourself - we are sure you will not be disappointed!


Sat 23rd July to Sun 21st August 2022

Hugh MacDairmid : The Brownsbank Years
Alexander Moffat, Ruth Nicol and Alan Riach

In the centenary year of the first appearance in print of Hugh MacDairmid, Scotland's greatest 20th-century poet and political pioneer, Ruth Nicol and Sandy Moffat, two of Scotland's finest contemporary artists, with poet and professor of Scottish Literature at Glasgow University Alan Riach, celebrate and explore his work and life with Valda Trevlyn, his wife, at Brownsbank, their home together from 1951 until their deaths in 1978 and1989, respectively.


Exhibition Events with Moffat Nicol & Riach

Sat 23rd July 2pm: Exhibition Opening & The Artists in Conversation

Sat 13th August 2pm: MacDairmid: The Brownsbank Years

June 24 to July 17 2022

Edinburgh in Pink by Nikki Monaghan 

A bright show for bright summer weather - we are delighted to bring a range of ever popular Nikki Monaghan's limited edition prints to The Line to add to seasonal cheer! Nikki's work features many of the places we all love to visit and there will be a lot to see, recognise and reminsce about in the show overall - come along and enjoy!

June 7 to June 21 2022

 Long Live The Marches!

 All good wishes to everyone for a very Happy Marches and wonderful Children's Gala Day - isn;t it wonderful that we can be out and about and meet each other once again!

The Line will be closed from June 6 to 22nd.