October 8 - 25


Travels in our imagination - we saw lions

In these uncertain times, how many of us would like, just for a while, to be somewhere else? Anywhere else? Sarah Keast and Siljes Elisabet Thorin have taken this urge to heart and created an exhibition of travels in the imagination - what do their photographs and prints tell us about their thoughts and dreams? Sometimes there are wonders right in front of our noses, hiding in plain sight, and yet we do not see them - we saw lions!
We remain unable to welcome you to an exhibition preview - but we will be delighted to see you throughout the exhibition's run. The show will open at 10am on Thursday October 8th and continue until 4pm on Sunday October 25th.

Sarah will be running a day workshop on collograph and mono printing in The Line on Sunday October 25th. Numbers will be strictly limited and all COVID 19 protocols in place. If you would like details please email all@thelineonline.co.uk.