February 4 to March 7 2017 PERCEPTIONS

Tidal flow by Cunningsburgh      Ruth Brownlee

Ruth Brownlee’s work is known and loved in Linlithgow and beyond. This is what Ruth has to say about Perceptions

“It has certainly been one interesting journey ever since I first showed with The Line over 20 years ago.   Fresh from art college, my early landscape work was abstract based using paints and paper and when a teaching opportunity came up in Shetland in 1998, my work took an immediate change of course as my work became focused on the seas.

Over the following 20 years, my work has developed into more atmospheric realistic paintings as I am continually inspired by the rugged dramatic coastal landscape of Shetland and the North Sea. “

View from the Bod, Sodom     Ruth Nicol

Ruth Nicol
has exhibited with The Line for over nine years now. In that period she has visited Shetland, and become familiar with Ruth Brownlee’s work - her work here is one artist’s celebration of another and of the environment in which she now finds herself. Ruth Nicol’s experience of Shetland has been fleeting, her perceptions based on glimpses, the understanding of an outsider who can only begin to grasp what it means to live, full time,  on an island. The perception of the visitor can capture somethings, but never the full truth.

This exhibition is the fulfillment of a long standing ambition for The Line. To work with artists over time is a delight and a privilege, and to have the opportunity to bring two together in this way is rare. We are thrilled to show Perceptions, and we hope you will be as excited as we are.

To compliment Perceptions, we are very pleased to be show new silver jewellery by Jenny Deans from Edinburgh. Her new Linear collection continues to draw upon Jenny’s love of rhythm and repetition, using repeated elements of wire to create structural and sculptural forms. This new direction has hints of Art Deco forms and classical Greek architecture, alongside modern architecture and sculpture.