February 28 to March 24 2015

Here at The Line we have developed links with Shetland which go back a number of years and have often been manifest in the work of Shetland based artists exhibited here. There have also been Linlithgow artists exhibition in Shetland, most notably Elisabet's photographs around 2011. For this exhibition we are extending connections in yet another direction - Kirkliston based Jean Gillespie has been sketching, painting and making prints for a while. Recently she was fortunate to be selected as artist in residence based in the Bothy on Lerwick harbour. This artist's retreat is used by makers of all disciplines throughout the year and allows very direct, immediate experience of Shetland life and weather. Jean used the time to sketch and absorb the atmosphere around her and, since returning south, these have been used to inform and be the foundation for a series of work - Shetland Musings - which we are delighted to show. We love these pieces - and invite you all to come along and enjoy them also.