Saturday September 29 to Tuesday October 25th 2018

Silk thread and wooden boards. These are not the expected materials to be found in a seascape, but as you can see above, Helena Emman's Summer light on lilting seas is not the usual seascape. Helena's wound silk pieces are a very personal and time consuming means of reflecting the movement and colour of the sea at different times of day and weather conditions, the lustre of the silk, and the fullness of the thread used to define stillness and ripple, splash and reflection as the water moves.

In this exhibition Helena brings silk works and painting to The Line from her home on Skye, each piece part of her love and understanding of the environment which surrounds her and which she clearly loves. She will also be bringing some hand crafted copper pebbles, further proof, if any were needed, of her need to interpret and understand the world around her.

We are very much looking forward to the show, and hope that you will enjoy it as much as we certainly will!