Saturday July 14 to Tuesday July 31 2018

Artists from the damp hollow - 
Our Linlithgow
One of the greatest pleasures in having The Line Gallery in Linlithgow has been the discovery of the many, many amazing artists who have lived, or worked, or both in the Royal Burgh. Many have shown their work at The Line over the years, others may have shown once then moved on - others we have yet to showcase. For this exhibition, which takes its title  from the Old British lynn llaith cau meaning "lake in the damp hollow", eight artists have chosen to create work which expresses a personal connection to the town - Morag Stevenson's shop front above speaks for itself, whilst Elaine Woo MacGregor, Iona Sorbie, Douglas Cook, Shona Young, Anna Divers, Lesley Anne Derks and Peter J Scott will each add work in their varied media. Victoria Ross will also be exhibiting some of her hand made dolls.
 We are looking forward to this show - and hope you will also!

Woods by the damp hollow by Elaine Woo MacGregor