September 30 to October 24 2017

Keast & Thorin
"My work is motivated by my life-long connection to the environment.  I get out and walk and cycle here most days rain or shine. The light and the colour is always changing."
Whilst the above is part of Sarah Keast's description of her creative process for the work to be included in this exhibition, it can equally be seen in Siljes Elisabet Thorin's practice and output. Each of the artists exhibiting in this exhibition is rooted in the countryside, taking inspiration from what is around them - both now, in the past and with a hint of what may be to come. Sarah is a print maker of great experience, Elisabet's black and white photographs grow from strength to strength and gain in impact as time passes.

We think you will enjoy this exhibition which combines image making from different disciplines, but with a central interest you will find absorbing.