Extra Curricular Activity - and rain dance!

Okay - this is not the usual way of doing things, but have you noticed anything usual about things recently? Rain, that is what we have been seeing, rain - and then more rain. In order to give our artists the opportunity to have their work seen by the numbers of people we usually anticipate, we have agreed to continue the Extra Curricular Show for a bit beyond the anticipated end date. So from 7 July - 28 August 2012 we invite you to enjoy some Extra Curricular Activity by three artists who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in July 2010. Ruth Nicol, Agnes Johnstone and Lorna Pirrie each gave up existing careers in order to devote themselves to studying and practising fine art full time, and each has
developed a style and confidence which we find quite wonderful. Each could not be more different from the other - and we invite you to come along and enjoy the show. We will be re-hanging the work at the end of July, and new 'takes' on the work will undoubtedly be revealed.